Life Experience

 After climbing the corporate ladder for a multi-million dollar non-profit organization from cashier to senior store manager in a little over 8 years,I became empowered with my abilities to self motivate myself. I had to have a “no failure” approach in my career for the survival of my growing family and to live the American dream.Mostly empowering those around me to believe in the tried and true concept of working hard towards your personal success will give you an edge in the work force. I took pride in mentoring young leaders and leaders who may not have had the chance in the past.My story like many young woman starts and ends with one true fact. “Your abilities to succeed in any endeavor comes from your hard work and dedication.”Over and over those very words came out of my mouth to encourage self motivation to those individuals aspiring for success. I set a strong president with my own story within the companies corporate world, cashier turned assistant to the Retail Operations Manager. Identifying new leaders through hands on leadership and coaching.
I used my success story to drive work ethic into everyone that I trained, proving personal work related goals can help you achieve the impossible. I lived by own managing system until my world was shattered in May of 2013.Let go with out a warning, photos still in edit mode on my office computer. Calendar filled with review dates, projects and plans for the year ahead. Office lined with photos and achievements I had won the organization. I was over-whelmed with bitterness.I had preached to all my employees about self motivation drives success, but for the first time in 15 years I questioned my concept. Wanting so much to believe in my managerial method I began to evaluate each word in the phrase looking for a way to self motivate myself again.

Could i really climb a corporate ladder from cashier to executive status again? Do I have enough self motivation for that daunting task? Do I have it in me again?

Tell me what you think

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