Laws of Attraction 90 Day Action Plan

Laws of Attraction 90 Day Action Plan

Bucket Lists and Laws of Attraction in conjunction with Affirmations.

As a strong believer of similar beliefs in the Laws of Attraction and the concept “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.  
Manifest your Thoughts into Power
Surrounding my recent study in earlier posts, of how people constructed Bucket Lists as a way to “Float their desires and fantasies into the world.” Similarly to people in my study, I…

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Laws of Attraction 90 Day Action Plan

As a strong believer of similar beliefs in the Laws of Attraction and the conceptlike attracts likeand that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.  

Manifest your Thoughts into Power

Surrounding my recent study in earlier posts, of how people constructed Bucket Lists as a way to “Float their desires and fantasies into the world.” Similarly to people in my study, I wrote a Bucket List years before as a 3oth Birthday ritual and to my surprise after re-reading my list 2 years after the construction, I was amazed at what had been checked off the list.  

Out of 24 items on my Bucket List 7 things I unknowingly accomplished. With no effort after initial construction of the list.

Just by writing down my Bucket List on paper could I have really started the Laws of Attraction for myself?

10 Day Action Plan

With many of my friends, family,  and people in my life were interested in my concepts, the theory of generating a Bucket List to support the study of the Laws of Attraction.

This becoming a social experiment in relation to Laws of Attraction a study under my own guidelines.  

As I gathered 3 participants, whose lists are posted in earlier blog posts on this site. It is quite an interesting mix of participants. Furthermore, the study is still in its infancy and soon will be examined for any shifts in Positive attributes related to words written on the list.laws of attraction


Affirmations you say… 

what in the world is that?

“Affirmations are short and powerful statements.”

Utilizing the power of affirmation techniques push you towards your greatest desires through conscious thoughts of positivity.  Maintaining a code of standards in which to live by helps positivity gain momentum in your existing world. The momentum of words turned into affirmations or positive thoughts. 

Adding a Variable to the Previous Study⇐⇐⇐⇐ØØ∗⇔∗ØØ⇒⇒⇒ 

Possible correlations with evidence of my Bucket List  study and new understanding of Affirmations, I being theorizing views of Laws and Attraction in conjunction with Affirmations.



 I never really took much time to process the information written on the card below I knew the text was not representational of traditional business cards.

A typically business card shape but with a slightly more inspiring tone, like a form of “Pocket Wisdom” or “Pocket Positivity.” There was no Author or Publication date only the words below:

Affirmations and the Laws of Attractions

 The similarity of the Affirmations and Laws of Attraction with my study of the Bucket Lists, raised new variables to add to the study.  

  • Could Affirmations with specific language engage a goal or a set desire to manifest quicker?  
  • Should there be a formula of Affirmations, such as the 90 Day Action Plan in the theories of the Laws of Attraction?  
  • Could scripted Affirmations, with added emphasis on your written Bucket List  help with the completion of  such written lists?
  • What about a new era “90 Day Bucket Lists” or “Pocket Positivity Business Cards”?

The 90 Day Action Plan has no guidelines or rules so by placing the “Pocket Positivity Cards” in clear view and reading them every day for 90 days, I will float desires, wants, hopes, and dreams into the universe.

The positive thoughts that I am repeating are the basis for how I want to interact with the world. Giving me new ways to manifest my desires already outlined in the previous study of Bucket Lists and Laws of Attraction. 

As I move into my 29th day of the 90 Day Action Plan I want to note how I structured the same Affirmations  on cards in 2 different ways.  So that I can answer some of the questions I addressed earlier. 

  1. I placed one “Pocket Positivity Card” card in the bathroom. Neatly positioned so that any person on the toilet would be forced to read it clearly and easily.  The positive Affirmations I read have known specific desires or goals associated with its presence.
  2. The second “Pocket Positivity Card”,  I put on the refrigerator, eye level has a clear view for easy retrieval of Affirmations.  This study is the second part of the 90 Day Study, with a formulation of language specific Affirmations to positively think about in specific desire. The goal to save money, get money or anything related to an excess of money in my life. I placed symbols of money, magnets in all increments of paper money around the “Pocket Positivity Card”.  When reading the card I tend to add sentences using words or language specific to money and my goals.
Studies show on average we have
 51,000-60,000 thoughts a day,
which breaks down to 
150-300 thoughts per minute.
The Brain acting as search engine,search 
queries are of feelings,emotions,worries, 
memories and consist of both negative and positive thoughts and words.

Inside an Insomniacs Head

The scary part of the
thoughts and the process of the thinking 
brain is 80% of the 
51,000 thoughts a day 
are negative for most 
Research shows 90% of 
those negative thoughts are taken into the 
51,000 thoughts of the 
next day. 



95% of the 60,000 thoughts a person has in a day,are related to 
the same 60,000 thoughts a person had yesterday,and the day 
before and so on. 
With studies on negative thought processes creating a need for 
affirmations, shocking statistics are shaping an un-happy 
society. Research shows 45,000 thoughts a person has out of the 
60,000 thoughts a person has in a day are negative in nature.

Diary of a Security Guard | Creative Expression

Wednesday November 19th 2014

3:42 P.M

Gallery 225-Vincent VanGough

I smell the scent of Ben-gay. A group of visitors entered I observed them dressed in all black. Slender and slick in appearance all of them looking similar and had identical mannerisms when walking and standing.  The woman in martial arts jackets with a large patches on the back.The fabric was satin with a yellow-gold trim.

I walked closer to make my presence in the Gallery, and to watch them.

My job is mostly observing. I observe the observers looking at the art. So I guess I people watch for a living.

But silence I feel is our best tool of professionalism.

I think of them as a gang of Korean ninjas smelling like ben-gay. Or this is how they appeared to me.

Friday November 21st 2014-10:40 A.M.

Post 233 b

I sit and watch you. Your hair seems to give you a ” I just woke up look,”  It is so curly and fun. I guess the way your hair looks makes me think your tired. I don’t bother chatting, so I sit.

Doodling in my trusty notebook. Writing things I think.


So after a quick google search of Jill Magid, my perspective she is a photo journalist. I have not seen other exhibits or works by her other than the work displayed in Eyes on the Street.

She is obsessed with systems of power. Building personal, intimate relationships with particularly surveillance systems that are able to watch her.

Saturday November 22nd 2014

11:03 AM

Post 8

This gallery is cold. Not just in the sense of temperature but the art is cold. Cold meaning the style and the time period. Renaissance and the Baroque periods in time when cameras were not yet available to capture a moment in time.

Great painters like Gerard ter Borch. Artists with the ability to paint realistically capturing people in their environments. Amazing how each portrait hanging tells a story.

I’m staring at the painting “The Music Party” by Gerard ter Borch (Dutch, b.1617, d.1681).  Depicting three young teenagers around a piano. A female sits to play as the boys gaze at her from the other side of the piano. She is wearing a yellow silk dress with white fur on the sleeves and collar. The Renaissance dress is embellished with gems and rhinestones. During this time period music gave teens a chance to engage with teens of the opposite sex often as a way of courtship.

My radio goes off and my earpiece starts muffling static as I turn it down.

Its time for the security check, but I am still standing in front of the painting.

I am so close I could lick the glass in the frame.  I am so intrigued with his ability to paint silk, so real. Its like I can feel the silk oozing out of the painting and on to my skin. Each tiny brush stroke capturing the soft, fluff of the fur.

Could I really have just lost myself in a painting for an hour?

For information on this artist click on links below.

Sources are listed below.

The Music Party by Gerard ter Borch

Is there a place for insomniac woman?

7:39 A.M.          August 20 2014

So I cant sleep and I have sever concentration problems at night while my angel sleeps next to me. I sit quietly bouncing from app to app on my tablet, but still remain awake restless at mind.
I  start to think of everything I should be doing or could be doing. Housework, computer work, anything but technology, but feeling as I have, life just seemed depressing.

Mind paceing through my brain of every simple thing I do to calm down and relax for those people who struggle with insomnia.

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