The Adjectives in a fight

Lame, Boring, Selfish, Rude…. These are simple words…We learn them early in life through that dreadaed process I always bring up…Socialization. The words we carry mean something, the way we utilize this knowledge is the demon spwan in fights with loved ones. The strongest weapon ever created,  “The Dictionary”…. Its binding contains secrets… A bunch of emotional side notes that each singular word…

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insomniac lounge

Rainbow I wished upon a rainbow, on every single hue, and hope with my entire heart that a wish I wished comes true….  I wish upon its colors, that together shine so bright, And if a single hue was missing it wouldn’t look just right, The key to its beauty is its harmony, it’s the way each color blends, if only the world could be a rainbow, then we could all blend nice and be friends,            …

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Ethical Theories

The definition of theory can be generalized as a process of gathering thoughts, ideas, data and evidence. It is a direct result of logical, critical and rational thinking. Theories can provide a framework that through observation and testing can either be supported, analyzed or challenged. Theories are commonly implied to ideologies that are unproven or speculative. Generally speaking, theories…

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