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Check out this Art and start Coloring Today 15 Gorgeous Free Adult Coloring Pages You asked for it and you’ve got it – a whole bunch of new gorgeous free adult coloring pages!We’ve been loving all the coloring pages for adults and adult coloring books over here, they really are a great way to relax! *this post contains affiliate links* So grab your favorite coloring tool (I love Sharpies and…

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Obesity…. I’m Addicted to CORN

Obesity…. I’m Addicted to CORN

In 1971 during the leadership of Nickson, when our country was grief stricken with war a profound impact on agriculture launched the obesity crisis in America. With the booming industrial farm companies changing the economic landscape, corn productions soon left farmers with an overstock of crops. So what did the Brillant American Scientists and Leaders do with all the corn? The next million…

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Can you find love on Valentine’s Day?


Who would have thought that I could have met my one true Valentine. I stumbled upon your love that cold Valentine weekend in 2014.

Now so tender and real I have ahead full of thoughts. Swarming my brain taunting my mind so vigorously that I can’t rest my eyes. I am cursed with this dreaded cycle. I see no end to the torture of an insomniac woman in lust. I lay here next to you a perfect piece to my puzzle. Fitting so perfectly snug to the place I lost many pieces before. I warned myself

 be careful with illusions of the heart.

Love to me was a dying word that had harsh effects in my world. I longed to feel a single beat from two hearts in need of each other. I craved the connection on levels that only dreamers describe in fairy tales. I often speak of love that seems so far out of reach even to the biggest lovers of them all can’t fathom its capability. I kept on dreaming big and worrying bigger until I found you.

I will be blunt for I know you are scared and love is no hero in your world, so please take my hand and I will guide you to true happiness.It may not be sudden but you will fall, and before the fall is the jump.

If I jump will you follow?

I am too quick to stop before I jump. I never check my safety ropes. I have fallen hard before, alone and managed to cope, but with a fresh heart and a open mind, the love of my life hit me blind.

I quickly learned in no time at all that I had given up on love too quick. I was always the giver and never the receiver. So I quietly admire you for you endless giving and your timeless love. As I learn to except the things I had forgotten about love and build on my dreams of zanidu lovers, I will stay. I will endure your love and learn to establish my new found meaning of love, friendship and puzzle piece connection.

The energy flow from our bodies and the fire we start with our lips comes as no surprise. That cold February morning was quickly warmed with just one kiss. My harsh reality was switched when I feel off my cloud and on to you. My frown suddenly a smile and my world seemed brighter. I am swinging freely now in your arms, carelessly wanting nothing more than to waste time with you.

So as we grow our vines and tangle our branches that I am certain we are bound for lasting memories. Follow my road dear lover for no hurdle is ever to large if we face it together and our new found love will have a fresh meaning.

I may be different but I am one of a kind

Is there a place for insomniac woman?

7:39 A.M.          August 20 2014

So I cant sleep and I have sever concentration problems at night while my angel sleeps next to me. I sit quietly bouncing from app to app on my tablet, but still remain awake restless at mind.
I  start to think of everything I should be doing or could be doing. Housework, computer work, anything but technology, but feeling as I have, life just seemed depressing.

Mind paceing through my brain of every simple thing I do to calm down and relax for those people who struggle with insomnia.

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