I needed not to love you—-except because you are you.
I go from fond of you, to not so fond of you….from waiting patiently.
To not wanting to wait….mad
My heart moves cold into the fire and you can feel the  temperature,  quickly to boil.
I dream of you blindly, stealing my heart as soon as I see you.

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Issue 3 Fails in Ohio

Ohio Rejects Issue 3 Today, November 3rd, 2015, millions of Ohio voters had an opportunity to enter the political history books. Ohio’s statewide issues on today’s ballot was simply following the lead of other states such as Washington and Colorado. … Continue reading →

Source: Issue 3 Fails in Ohio

Scribbled Memoirs

∼From the Writing Vault∼
Tattered Love Notes & Scribbled Memoirs
As I look into the mirror, I see my face,
My tear stained skin bloody patches of emotions
Just take my world and kill my spirit.
I looked down my nose between my broken glasses, a crushing smell of vulnerability.
When I pieced together each shattered part of the hourglass, tasteless blood rattled my tongue.
I could not spit,
Sweet and Sour lingered long and haunted my senses.

Rock….Solid…..Hidden deep in the covering of morning fog. Holding up the ground and shifting earth in directions of magnetic connectivity. Below the earth is a sturdy appearance, but listening quietly you can hear the air leaking out, as air and soil and feet are smushed together. Soil as rich with emotion. Water, rain ,tears all flowing over time and through the ages. 
A jagged rocks at times seemed to stick out, jagged and rough, each layer peeling back exposed ground weeping with age. The deeper the hole the quicker I feel the rushing waters, tumbling under-ground. At times the silent hole seems to swallow me as I dig, deeper.  Digging clumps of moist earth until the cracks of my hole split open as to let me into a secret underground oasis. 

Constitutional Journalism in a Digital Age

Constitutional Journalism in a Digital Age

Constitutional Journalism

What the Founding Fathers created was a governmental structure that still affects almost every aspect of our lives. Constitutional laws have adapted to society within our changing lives.

The politically intertwined systems that our diverse county has adopted over time has inevitably been protected by the words written in the Constitution. The simplicity is brilliant. Which allows the words to…

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