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Awake Alone Again

Saturday September 20,2014

So my story still so eagerly to unfold, with mounds of written ideas and thoughts from years of insomniac-tic behavior. 32 years old, feeling as if my mind is overloaded with urges from trigger words. The words spoke in conversation among people, either friends, or unknown spectators. These trigger words are some form of irritant bringing up anger, jealousy or completely making you smile and laugh. So for me an insomniac woman with a trigger word can cause serious brain overload.

So, unconcerned with proper grammar or punctuation. I will ramble but clearly for my whole purpose. Well and honestly I can’t”\’t find a speech to text app to download to .http://insomniacwomanwordress.com

So I can’t sleep again and it could be the over whelming notion that I am to much for my own brain to handle. I cant stop circling all my thoughts, dissecting each angle feeling each outcome. It’s torture on my brain. Growing up and slowly realizing my faults, made it easier to manage.

Sleeping was a heavenly dream as I aged. So blah,  Coping hasn’t always been easy.

I think, think, think until I am blue. I can’t possibly get all the information out to you or to anyone. I want so much to have a clone to be each one of me I know I can be.

I often ask people I meet “If you can have one thing to help you in life what would it be?

now keep in mind if anyone reading this has ever been in my presence….ummm……well I’v heard I’m to aggressive, rude, forcing people to step outside there comfort zone.

Maybe that’s why I am Alone and Awake. I can’t concentrate on any one topic. I have ideas every 3 seconds.

Emotion +plus

Poetry appears suddenly, an imaginary expression that some scholars insist…………..

“is inside of us all.

So why do my concepts on Poetry seem frozen in a childlike cocoon?

The rotten candy-coated phrases of my youth, a decay that lies between a tooth,

Still licking, slick a wicked taste, a feasting in the moon…….

a delicacy, the decaying sweet ideologies, the lost words of sour tasting smells….

The,… waiting for the “cat got my tongue moment………..”

I saw words hover in meaning as they drifted the definitions further apart.

Poetry and I…are no longer rhyming repeats of on syllable words or searching for a beat or tone,

Poetry and I just …..simply drifted apart….

……a literary seduction, could sum up my relationship with Poetry.

Emotion+Feelings=A Word

“I seduced her to make me feel…words.” Her orgasmic flow of emotion=word lifestyle, you’d assume be an attribute of her heritage.

Writing with her was natural and simple, a beautiful togetherness our words written with purpose…….

 A secret mathematical equation

Emotion + Feeling =words

Poetry linguistics is born and she helps cure Writers Block ………but Poetry had an artistic tease with words.

Writing poetry for literary significance in a digital world…well lets face it……..is lost.  Although I call myself an “Urban Scholar”, studying the socialization aspects of urban life, poetry is rooted as the soul in music.

The urban essence in my approach to life is nothing POETRY alone could capture and portray. Besides, technology has taken the power behind a poem, the syntactic lullabies of great poets and are silenced the true purpose of a poem….the beauty in the message and the meaning of the words.

Characteristically speaking as an urban scholar,  I should be analytically supporting the poetic era of rapping adolescents with names that start with “lil” or “young”…..Perhaps poetry in urban cultural’s has altered words and their traditional meanings. The lyrical poets in urban structures are breaking ground historically in many artistic platforms but Poetry?…….I seriously doubt the words to “Wiggle” have a moral messages or underlying significance in scholarly Literature.

Poetry is claimed to be, “inside of us all”, so journalistic ly considering the urban landscape, poetic expression is inside of us all…but utilizing the power of words individually and systematically arranging their meaning together takes a scholarly approach to understanding poetry, Experiencing and understanding the poet’s experiences from just words, requires dictionary ideologies to be cataloged on each level, as we all experience life at different intensities.

The English Dictionary has always been socialized into our awareness and children become aware quickly of sounds and then words and so on and so on.  At what point each word is cataloged in your own dictionary awareness is seemingly complex. Once a word is sensitized and understood, the brain creates an index of feelings and emotions. So naturally indexed for quick retrieval, words are a linguistic approach to language, but the feelings indexed cross-culturally with words is vast and diverse.

It is the feeling and emotion behind each word and because it is an individualized index, Poetic expression some would assume is….. “inside of us all”.

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