Diary of a People Watcher

A hand while I sit and wait.
A hand while I sit and wait.

Wednesday November 19th 2014

3:42 P.M

Gallery 225-Vincent VanGough

I smell the scent of Ben-gay. A group of visitors entered I observed them dressed in all black. Slender and slick in appearance all of them looking similar and had identical mannerisms when walking and standing.  The woman in martial arts jackets with a large patches on the back.The fabric was satin with a yellow-gold trim.

I walked closer to make my presence in the Gallery, and to watch them.

My job is mostly observing. I observe the observers looking at the art. So I guess I people watch for a living.

But silence I feel is our best tool of professionalism.

I think of them as a gang of Korean ninjas smelling like ben-gay. Or this is how they appeared to me.

Friday November 21st 2014-10:40 A.M.

Post 233 b

I sit and watch you. Your hair seems to give you a ” I just woke up look,”  It is so curly and fun. I guess the way your hair looks makes me think your tired. I don’t bother chatting, so I sit.

Doodling in my trusty notebook. Writing things I think.


So after a quick google search of Jill Magid, my perspective she is a photo journalist. I have not seen other exhibits or works by her other than the work displayed in Eyes on the Street.

She is obsessed with systems of power. Building personal, intimate relationships with particularly surveillance systems that are able to watch her.

Saturday November 22nd 2014

11:03 AM

Post 8

This gallery is cold. Not just in the sense of temperature but the art is cold. Cold meaning the style and the time period. Renaissance and the Baroque periods in time when cameras were not yet available to capture a moment in time.

Great painters like Gerard ter Borch. Artists with the ability to paint realistically capturing people in their environments. Amazing how each portrait hanging tells a story.

I’m staring at the painting “The Music Party” by Gerard ter Borch (Dutch, b.1617, d.1681).  Depicting three young teenagers around a piano. A female sits to play as the boys gaze at her from the other side of the piano. She is wearing a yellow silk dress with white fur on the sleeves and collar. The Renaissance dress is embellished with gems and rhinestones. During this time period music gave teens a chance to engage with teens of the opposite sex often as a way of courtship.

My radio goes off and my earpiece starts muffling static as I turn it down.

Its time for the security check, but I am still standing in front of the painting.

I am so close I could lick the glass in the frame.  I am so intrigued with his ability to paint silk, so real. Its like I can feel the silk oozing out of the painting and on to my skin. Each tiny brush stroke capturing the soft, fluff of the fur.

Could I really have just lost myself in a painting for an hour?music party

For information on this artist click on links below.

Sources are listed below.



Wednesday November 26th 2014

12:36 PM

Post 232A

I want to yell at the top of my lungs but the utter silence inside this gallery is torture. I look at the other guard sitting less then 20 feet away. I watch him.

After all that is my job to observe. So I watch and slowly his head and body start to lean forward. I see now what the other guards mean with the phrase ” sleepy guards.”

I want to make a flip book of a guard falling out of a chair.

I wander if my scream would echo down through the great hall and into the ears of the visitor service ladies. All I hear is the crisp air pumping out the vents, whirling around me as I sit.

I heard distant footsteps and small chatter. Finally I can observe and noticed a group talking to a unique, strange important girl. I have seen her before but she did not appear approachable. The group continued to circle the gallery.

Five men and the important lady. So is this group the next artist to line these walls for an up coming exhibit? They walk by me and I can’t help but notice the man with jeans. He is walking slower and away from the group.

He smells so good. If art smelled as sensual as you I would look at each piece of art differently.

Has any artist ever infused those senses of Sight and Smell? I might look that up.

Friday November 28th, 2014


Post 6-Great Hall

Lack of Inspiration in this gallery today. I sit and stand, then walk and repeat. Circling the galleries within my post.

Is being bored my new job description? How can I sit in the presence of great talent and still not have inspiration?

New worker person. He is so tall. I wonder if tall people have more or less fear of heights. unless their fear is not having your feet touch the ground or lack of a floor we should be good.

Boring day. Sleepy and non-inspirational.

Saturday November 29th, 2015


Post 11: Abstract Head -Picasso

This painting seems dark to me. I want to explore this artist more indepthly for my own personal learning experience.

Is this an indication of how the rest of my day will go? I am bored and feeling silly. Conversations in the echoing halls but so faint its impossible to make out the words being expressed.

Disturbance on the walkie. Just guards sharing information.



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