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Issue 3 Fails in Ohio

Ohio Rejects Issue 3 Today, November 3rd, 2015, millions of Ohio voters had an opportunity to enter the political history books. Ohio’s statewide issues on today’s ballot was simply following the lead of other states such as Washington and Colorado. … Continue reading →

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The Purpose of Writing…

Let’s Breakdown the Words





The Politics of Writing

The purpose of writing has always been for the writer to convey a message to the reader, but I think this escapes many writers today. The majority of writing is not focused on what it says rather how it says it. Many political writers will spice up their writing with sophisticated language and complex terminology to attract the higher educated crowd.

The most obvious problem with this is that you’d be ignoring the main audience of the piece, which happens to be the largest demographic. If the average person reads a piece with a needlessly large and obscure vocabulary then he may conclude that the writing serves no purpose for him, then he will shy away from all writing like it. If you write for the every day person not only will you have a larger audience, what you write will be more effective.

Orwell said it better than I…

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Obama Speaks in Ohio

My initial thoughts regarding Obamacare and how changes in the healthcare reform made gaining access to specialists long and difficult. My insomnia was so intense on Monday night all my writing and some how ended with frustrations around Obamacare.
His visit on Wednesday in Cleveland, Ohio was news to me and I found out by watching my local Thinktv channel.


It was as if Barack Obama’s visit to Ohio,  the very state in which I live, had been in some correlation to my bizarre post content from Monday. I have never written content with political undertones and yet the President’s name kept being typed by my fingers without specific direction                                       .obama1

Did my insomnia sense the arrival of our great President?

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Obamacare & My Insomnia


Affordable Care Act 2014 Survey

Depicting how Americans felt about the new mandated Health care Reform.




Can I have my Specialist Back?

Medical Professionals who study specific medical conditions are called a “Specialist.” Frequently referring to an expert in their profession or field of study. Having a specialized degree medically allows doctors to focus on the cause, prevention and treatments for isolated diseases and disorders. Specialists are typically referred after the patient’s Primary Care Doctor has exacerbated all other treatment options. Specialists typically have a long waiting list and rarely are covered by basic health insurance plans.

Coming from personal experience, Specialists in the field of sleep and other sleep related issues seem to be hard to find that falls within my Obamacare coverage. I should have known before calling to schedule my appointment that Sleep Specialist would be on high demand. Scheduling the appointment for 8 months in advance, gave me thoughts of miserable sleepless nights. I consulted my primary care physician for 7 more months in 2013, in hopes to find a treatment for my chronic insomnia as I waited to see a specialist.

Luckily at the time, I had insurance through my work. For a small business with under 20 employees, my boss was stuck at a rock and a hard place. With health care reform being addressed head on by The President of the United States. Barack Obama constructed legislation known as “The Affordable Care Act” in the beginning of 2014. As a result my insurance was switched and suddenly my chronic insomnia seemed to intensify.

Health care reform now required all Americans to obtain government-approved, private health insurance or else pay a tax penalty. Medical insurance controlled by the government is being criticized as unconstitutional and some states are opting out of participating in the reform. Over 2 million Americans now have affordable health care.


  • Was the increase in enrollment somehow a form of “Political Bullying?”

  • Are American’s rushing to meet healthcare deadlines just to dodge a tax bullet? and

  • Are Americans utilizing the Affordable Care Act and all its available health programs?

    Such as preventative care to include blood tests, routine check ups and services related to behavioral and mental health.

wpid-wp-1423816836752.jpegIN HOURS,



⇒ is a sleep disorder, or somnipathy

⇒ a medical disorder affecting the sleep patterns of a person.

With my insomnia,

I have functional impairment while I am awake.


Group Classifications or Insomnia

1. Primary:
this insomnia is not attributable to any other medical, psychiatric or environmental cause.
2. Secondary:
this insomnia is in conjunction with another medical condition or psychiatric disorder.
3. Comorbid:
this insomnia is a combination of 2 or more other medical, psychiatric and environmental changes.

Habits for Better Sleep

  • Keep a regular bedtime
  • Keep a regular time to get up in the morning
  • Spend no more than 8 hours in your bed
  • Set the alarm to get up at the same time every day, even on weekends
  • Do not look at the time at night or have chiming clocks
  • Keep window shades open to get morning outside light
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Make the bedroom the best place and the only place you sleep
    • No TV, music, radio, video games, telephone calls, and electronic devices.
    • No arguing or working
    • As dark as you can make it with natural light for in the morning
    • Avoid bright lights when getting up at night
    • Keep it as quiet as you can make it
    • Avoid excessive fluids before bedtime
  • Do not stay in bed more than 20 minutes if you can not sleep
  • If you get up at night due to the inability to sleep, do something relaxing.
  • No napping through the day
  • Have 30 minutes or more to wind down before going to bed
  • Before winding down write down your worries and possible solutions and the next day’s plans
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol within 6 hours of bedtime
  • Avoid exercise within 3 hours of bedtime
  • Learn relaxation techniques

2:28 A.M. Monday Night

23 Hours Awake

The Noise of Insomnia

I somehow hear, randomly the sound of footsteps heading from the kitchen into living room echoing in the dark early morning quietness. This was no strange occurrence for me to hear. The night seemed to have a constant hummm that staggered in the air like a fog. The invisible fog inside the house even had a slight sound. Like a static buzz from a disconnected black and white T.V. left on in a damp muffled basement.

Stories from “Lucid Dreamers” spill into my mind. The same string of thoughts producing a 1970’s inspired setting. As visions play out in my head of hippies dancing in mud. A documentary on “The Spiritually In-Tune”, I thought. A spiritual practice, with abilities to see luminous radiation around all living things. A living thing sends energy radiating at different levels of emotion into the world. A Cosmo of bouncing frequencies colliding into each other in mid-air.

I sat still but could almost see the buzzing hums of a traveling Aura. Air in the room seemed to contain a greyish shadow as it dipped across my weary eyes. Hues of a faint lavender transparently disappeared in less than a second. The swirling energy seemed to force gusts of wind into my eye sockets causing pressure.

 “The night like many before, swallowed me as if I were a setting sun.”


The night now inching towards the start of a new day puts strain on my thoughts and panic starts to set it. The alarm clock will go off and for what purpose?

To reinforce the realities that most people have a yesterday and a tomorrow, but somehow I’m stuck on today.

A doctor, patient relationship is an odd sort of friendship. What I mean by friendship is, the first appointment becomes a foundation. The patient must build a strong open communication, in order to express symptoms accurately. In doing so your Primary Doctor will be able to start planning treatment options based on an estimated medical prognosis. Until the precise formula Basically a combination of different prescriptions and doses which essentially was a long trial and error process.