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The Purpose of Writing…

Let’s Breakdown the Words





The Politics of Writing

The purpose of writing has always been for the writer to convey a message to the reader, but I think this escapes many writers today. The majority of writing is not focused on what it says rather how it says it. Many political writers will spice up their writing with sophisticated language and complex terminology to attract the higher educated crowd.

The most obvious problem with this is that you’d be ignoring the main audience of the piece, which happens to be the largest demographic. If the average person reads a piece with a needlessly large and obscure vocabulary then he may conclude that the writing serves no purpose for him, then he will shy away from all writing like it. If you write for the every day person not only will you have a larger audience, what you write will be more effective.

Orwell said it better than I…

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I get Paid to “People Watch”

“People Watching” or the act of observing people happens every day all around us.  We watch people as we walk down the street or as we scurry through a busy supermarket.  It is only natural to analyze the body language and expressions on the people’s facial expressions as we encounter  them in life. Often times picking up on idiosyncrasies about the person we are watching. “People Watching” could be considered a hobby to some.


The Security Guard position at the Cincinnati Art Museum basically is being a   “People Watchers.” I get paid to perform a unique set of responsibilities all surrounding the act of “People Watching.”

Many duties as a security guard require quiet observation of the visitors as they view historical relics of art.  Ensuring the safety of the priceless collection of artwork is the most important duty performed as a Security Guard at an Art Museum.  This form of “people watching” is successfully done through patrolling galleries and  making the presence of the security team visible.images (12) This hinders the temptation of guests who want to misbehave. The museum has specific rules regarding photography, food and of course anything that that could damage the pieces.  Artwork that I protect is worth millions of dollars  and are timeless pieces that can not be replaced.Being a visible but silent entity, helps to reduce the amount of incidents regarding damage to the art through the accidental or intentional touching of pieces on display. Museums like the Cincinnati Art Museum acquire, conserve and exhibit extraordinarily rare pieces of art.  Antiquities that can not be replaced for it is an artifact from a historical period of time. While performing my silent observation of art, I will notice a guest touch something.

Army Grunts of the Art World

If this damage occurs it is required to report the incident directly to our conservation team to assess the damage. Touching the art can have lasting impressions and could be permanent.  Due to the natural oils and perspiration produced by skin, small touch can leave discoloration. Various medias are on display in the museum to include stone, textiles, wood, metal and oil paintings. The variation in the materials or medias of art displayed in the galleries creates different effects from the oils on out hands.  Preservation of the art is necessary and will be a valuable learning tool for future generations.

logo art

The Cincinnati Art Museum was founded in 1881 and is one of the oldest art museums in the United States.  The museum holds a comprehensive collection of over 60,000 pieces from various time periods and historical times in art history. The museum has been an art hub for over 100 years with a strong educational influence.300px-Cincinnati_Art_Museum,_Eden_Park

Another duty while I “people watching” is assisting in student tours. The importance of these tours is to enrich the students knowledge and understanding of the art in the museum in conjunction with other teachings in their curriculum. The study of art throughout history is part of cultural heritage in America. Art has a broad spectrum of benefits when explored at deeper levels, that include fine motor skills, understanding of culture, improved emotional skills and enhanced creativity. (Jensen,2001)

student tours Art holds clues to the way life was in the past and gives the observer the opportunity to learn about the culture in which the art was originated.  Depictions of the art and the way the artist tells a story are interpreted and discussed during the tours in the museum.  Students can browse famous icons of art history such as Picasso and Van Gough.  Student tours of all ages wander my galleries each day. The art sparks creativity among the youth and encourages students to make strong bonds with art created in the past to art created in the 21st century.security guard4

The guests at  the Cincinnati Art Museum, that visit have unique types of backgrounds and  a variety of ages. Each individual having a distinct opinion or idea about what their eyes see in the paintings.   Many guests spend a great deal of time analyzing the art.  Spending long pauses, glaring deep into the canvas of each piece of art hanging in the gallery. Often times the visitors have deep conversations in my presence giving me different points of view.

 Although my duty is to remain silent and listen to the conversations., I often find the discussions to be insightful.  When I learned a new perspective from listening to the guests describe the art, I realize the importance of art as an integral way it has captured a person, place, and a  feeling or thought.tour

Protecting the art on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum is a glorified “people watching” position which requires silent observation of visitors. My soul purpose is to ensure the safety of the million dollar collection and to bring responsible viewing of the art. I form a silent bond with the visitors, transforming a relationship of equal respect for the art.  My position as a Security Guard puts “people watching” into action and is a unique job.


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Diary of a Security Guard | Creative Expression

Wednesday November 19th 2014

3:42 P.M

Gallery 225-Vincent VanGough

I smell the scent of Ben-gay. A group of visitors entered I observed them dressed in all black. Slender and slick in appearance all of them looking similar and had identical mannerisms when walking and standing.  The woman in martial arts jackets with a large patches on the back.The fabric was satin with a yellow-gold trim.

I walked closer to make my presence in the Gallery, and to watch them.

My job is mostly observing. I observe the observers looking at the art. So I guess I people watch for a living.

But silence I feel is our best tool of professionalism.

I think of them as a gang of Korean ninjas smelling like ben-gay. Or this is how they appeared to me.

Friday November 21st 2014-10:40 A.M.

Post 233 b

I sit and watch you. Your hair seems to give you a ” I just woke up look,”  It is so curly and fun. I guess the way your hair looks makes me think your tired. I don’t bother chatting, so I sit.

Doodling in my trusty notebook. Writing things I think.


So after a quick google search of Jill Magid, my perspective she is a photo journalist. I have not seen other exhibits or works by her other than the work displayed in Eyes on the Street.

She is obsessed with systems of power. Building personal, intimate relationships with particularly surveillance systems that are able to watch her.

Saturday November 22nd 2014

11:03 AM

Post 8

This gallery is cold. Not just in the sense of temperature but the art is cold. Cold meaning the style and the time period. Renaissance and the Baroque periods in time when cameras were not yet available to capture a moment in time.

Great painters like Gerard ter Borch. Artists with the ability to paint realistically capturing people in their environments. Amazing how each portrait hanging tells a story.

I’m staring at the painting “The Music Party” by Gerard ter Borch (Dutch, b.1617, d.1681).  Depicting three young teenagers around a piano. A female sits to play as the boys gaze at her from the other side of the piano. She is wearing a yellow silk dress with white fur on the sleeves and collar. The Renaissance dress is embellished with gems and rhinestones. During this time period music gave teens a chance to engage with teens of the opposite sex often as a way of courtship.

My radio goes off and my earpiece starts muffling static as I turn it down.

Its time for the security check, but I am still standing in front of the painting.

I am so close I could lick the glass in the frame.  I am so intrigued with his ability to paint silk, so real. Its like I can feel the silk oozing out of the painting and on to my skin. Each tiny brush stroke capturing the soft, fluff of the fur.

Could I really have just lost myself in a painting for an hour?

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The Music Party by Gerard ter Borchhttp://www.cincinnatiartmuseum.org/art/collection/collections/?u=6036675