Music, Sensor Trigger

Ironically, the power of music is rarely discussed as a medium to share messages, but it is very powerful in influencing human behavior and aids in critical thinking.

The arrangement of musical sounds, depending on intensity, the music alone can trigger sensories, to cause a human response.

In other words,  musical sounds provide a rhythm in which a lyrical message can be told.



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Awake Alone Again

Saturday September 20,2014

So my story still so eagerly to unfold, with mounds of written ideas and thoughts from years of insomniac-tic behavior. 32 years old, feeling as if my mind is overloaded with urges from trigger words. The words spoke in conversation among people, either friends, or unknown spectators. These trigger words are some form of irritant bringing up anger, jealousy or completely making you smile and laugh. So for me an insomniac woman with a trigger word can cause serious brain overload.

So, unconcerned with proper grammar or punctuation. I will ramble but clearly for my whole purpose. Well and honestly I can’t”\’t find a speech to text app to download to .

So I can’t sleep again and it could be the over whelming notion that I am to much for my own brain to handle. I cant stop circling all my thoughts, dissecting each angle feeling each outcome. It’s torture on my brain. Growing up and slowly realizing my faults, made it easier to manage.

Sleeping was a heavenly dream as I aged. So blah,  Coping hasn’t always been easy.

I think, think, think until I am blue. I can’t possibly get all the information out to you or to anyone. I want so much to have a clone to be each one of me I know I can be.

I often ask people I meet “If you can have one thing to help you in life what would it be?

now keep in mind if anyone reading this has ever been in my presence….ummm……well I’v heard I’m to aggressive, rude, forcing people to step outside there comfort zone.

Maybe that’s why I am Alone and Awake. I can’t concentrate on any one topic. I have ideas every 3 seconds.

The Purpose of Writing…

Let’s Breakdown the Words





The Politics of Writing

The purpose of writing has always been for the writer to convey a message to the reader, but I think this escapes many writers today. The majority of writing is not focused on what it says rather how it says it. Many political writers will spice up their writing with sophisticated language and complex terminology to attract the higher educated crowd.

The most obvious problem with this is that you’d be ignoring the main audience of the piece, which happens to be the largest demographic. If the average person reads a piece with a needlessly large and obscure vocabulary then he may conclude that the writing serves no purpose for him, then he will shy away from all writing like it. If you write for the every day person not only will you have a larger audience, what you write will be more effective.

Orwell said it better than I…

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Rites of passage was first Analyzed by the social scientist Arnold Van Gennep when he wrote The Rites of Passage in 1908 (Van Gennep, ([1908] 1966).He outlined principal stages in which humans move through a life cycle(Crapo,2013). As all humans transition through different stages of life often times symbolically representing a status change or a critical move from childhood to adulthood.
Cross culturally there are significant universals among different societies in how they celebrate or recognize the rites of passage of adolescence members of the group. The variations in how humans honor this particular rite of passage can consist of many rituals, but four elements are noted. The four elements are separation, involvement from and elder or teacher, transition and then the recognized change in status presented to the community(Delaney,1995). While these rituals for many cultures have various ages in which rites of passage occur, a common theme for girls…

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“Baseline” Stereotype

The Film Industries Changing Formula

     Stereotyping, with its complexity and depth is cataloged throughout the history of film. Pop Culture shifts are in constant flux and can be time-lined to historical moments of previous transformations within our cultures expanded views on equal rights. These cultural shifts directly influence how representations of human characteristics are explored. Especially in relation to the traditional stereotypes differentiating gender roles for men and women in films. Research from multiple decades of film and the development of what is to be considered the “baseline”  ideal characteristics, metaphorically representing the “mother” attribute and is traced to The Turn of the Century Silent Films.

     Using the 1920’s-1940’s as a starting point in discovery, will show clear gender roles identified by society and portrayed in films. Essential components to the formula writers use when creating stereotypes for gender, has long been reviewed and…

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Do you have good Sleep Hygiene?

Habits for Better Sleep
 Do you have good Sleep Hygiene?
  • Keep a regular bedtime
  • Keep a regular time to get up in the morning
  • Spend no more than 8 hours in your bed
  • Set the alarm to get up at the same time every day, even on weekends
  • Do not look at the time at night or have chiming clocks
  • Keep window shades open to get morning outside light
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Make the bedroom the best place and the only place you sleep
    • No TV, music, radio, video games, telephone calls, and elctronical devises.
    • No arguing or working
    • As dark as you can make it with natural light for in the morning
    • Avoid bright lights when getting up at night
    • Keep it as quiet as you can make it
    • Avoid excessive fluids before bedtime
  • Do not stay in bed more than 20 minutes if you…

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