Who am I?


I am a 32 year old that suffers from ADD and Insomnia.

This is a Creative Expression from multiple areas of my life. A way to release the pinball’s racing in my brain. The overwhelming words that swirl in my mind as I try and sleep. A mental form of pacing back and forth only with my thoughts.

sleep 5

“I speak of dreams as only sleepers do because insomniacs dream awake” Jinx Shadylane

So my purpose well to write and to be heard. My writing is RAW. It allows me to show what life of an Insomniac with ADD is like. A inside peak to the way ADD puts thoughts into my mind and my uncensored material that processes.

Words on your screen that you read actually went though my mental process. So I am not a professional blogger but I have something to say.

Rather than doing this Mental Pacing I’ll write for you.
Jinx Shadylane aka INSOMNIACWOMANimage

Amazing Minds with NO ONE to listen too http://people-teach-people.blogspot.com/2014/02/unitedfreelancersofcincinnati.html

Need an investor for non-profit… any insomnia business driven bloggers out there?image

http:// fundly.com/m2/natural-talents


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