Exquisite Surreal Collages by Sammy Slabbinck

Although surreal collage work has regained popularity within the last decade in contemporary culture, few artists have mastered its beauty and artistry. Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck began deconstructing vintage ads and images since 2009.

Slabbinck carefully choreographs multiple images to create a newly decontextualized  photography. With humor present in every piece, Slabbinck’s surreal imagery often features astronomical aspects and psychedelic visions. Following a 70s aesthetic, the artist creates a beautiful juxtaposition, which is often portrayed as a story in mid-sentence. 

His work was recently featured at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London with a series of collages, which featured vintage Playboy editorials and other vintage publications. His work is for sale on Society6

60,000 thoughts a day

60,000 thoughts a day

Studies show on average we have  51,000-60,000 thoughts a day, which breaks down to 150-300 thoughts per minute. The Brain acting as search engine, search queries are of feelings, emotions, worries, memories and consist of both negative and positive thoughts and words.

The scary part of the thoughts and the process of the thinking brain is 80% of the 51,000 thoughts a day are negative for most…

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