Writing Women P1 – The History of Stereotyping (As I see it anyway)

Life Unwritten

In early storytelling, women nearly always received the bloated end of the sexism stick. Right from the beginnings of literature we filled certain roles and traits, and believe it or not, these were normally about being stupid or naïve enough to cause trouble, and often on a global scale. Eating the prohibited fruit and dooming mankind to an eternity on the wrong side of paradise, opening boxes and setting free the evils and destructive natures on the world, heck even female deities don’t escape this; according to Homer, gossiping Goddesses caused the Trojan war. Even in fairy-tales we’re the ditzy, innocent beings who fall for tricks, eat unsupervised porridge, and more often than not end up in the belly, caller, or bedchamber of the beast. Lucky for us those smart thinking, brave young men have always been there to get us out of the trouble we’re always getting ourselves into…

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Author: K. Ryan

My name is Krysta Ryan and I am a student at Ashford University seeking a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a bachelor's degree Mass Communication. I am from Cincinnati Ohio in which my professional experiences include Executive Management within the nonprofit sector and worked as a Social Media Manager which allowed me to gain a working knowledge of writing for newer digital platforms.

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