insomnia sucks


So, engaging in trolling is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  this is only exacerbated when I end up popping awake after 3 hours sleep.  I’m sure they are just going to go on thinking “Man I got that libtard!” whereas I feel dirty for thinking of the magic words to insult them – accusations of pogue, etc.  As if my time on Sand Hill makes me anything more than a chump.  I want to explore this more, mainly from a discussion I was having with madrantings and guerrillamydreams, and because there is something I am unable to articulate about my experiences that constantly grabs me by the scruff and shakes the shit out of me.  But today I am tired, and code awaits.


Author: K. Ryan

My name is Krysta Ryan and I am a student at Ashford University seeking a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a bachelor's degree Mass Communication. I am from Cincinnati Ohio in which my professional experiences include Executive Management within the nonprofit sector and worked as a Social Media Manager which allowed me to gain a working knowledge of writing for newer digital platforms.

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