Infused Art?

From Dairy of a Security Guard:

If art was infused with a scent would I portray it differently? Would I take deep sniffs until the smell reminded me of a past memory or a forgotten face? Would each painting of rotting fruit in still life’s seem enticing if it smelled like sweet flowers on a rainy day?

I stared at the “Sunset Nudes” by Tom Wesselman as you walked by. The crisp air hissing as it came from the floor vents in the gallery. A visitor with smells of masculine cologne. It was reminding me of a past lover. I took deep breaths through my nose to capture  your scent. Memories invaded my brain of romantic nights. The touch of bare skin. The smell lingered in the air and the sight of the bright abstract nudes laying on a beach surrounded me. Each nude scaling from wall to wall perfectly placed on 8 foot by 8 foot canvases.  Placement of the nude silhouette and the body curves allows the visitors to sense the beauty of a woman. The nipples are prominent with color saturated around the tip. Each nude with dramatic color between her legs. The colors so bright on the canvas that the room seemed illuminated. My eyes wander to the fruit and the flowers, large and to me out of place. I glance around each side of the painting noticing blocked color that emulated trees and sky lines cloaking the background.  The body lines are shadowed with hues of fleshy pink colored paint. The faces simple with red luscious lips and dark eyes, expression is flat. Yet the naked woman, colorful and flat seemed interesting to me.

Could I be aroused at the sight of an abstract nude? Or was it the smell of a memory with a lover that makes me see her differently?

Sunset Nude

Art infused with scent.

“My eyes portray the scene while my sense of smell renders a memory . Allowing my mind to processes the view with a two dimensional perspective.”

Jinx Shadylane


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