In Memory of Great People

In life we meet amazing people. Each person teaching us new things, new experiences and new ways to perceive the world.

People leave my world as quickly as they entered only few can understand the companionship that I crave that humans crave,

We learn the definitions of emotions early but how many people have truly felt each emotion.

Love, lust, passion, rage, sadness, heart break, disrespect…


Emotions the basic drive behind actions. Before you speak or use language know that each emotion has a reaction.

Like all humans we are different. So my reaction to this emotion will be different.

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Author: K. Ryan

My name is Krysta Ryan and I am a student at Ashford University seeking a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a bachelor's degree Mass Communication. I am from Cincinnati Ohio in which my professional experiences include Executive Management within the nonprofit sector and worked as a Social Media Manager which allowed me to gain a working knowledge of writing for newer digital platforms.

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